Granular control of Content Editor permissions/restrictions

I am writing to express my concern and frustration regarding the permissions system for content editors.

Despite being a subscriber to the business plan and taking the additional step to upgrade to an Agency workspace, I find the lack of granular permissions to be a big oversight.

There is no way to limit what content editors can do once they have access to the CMS. They can download the entire CMS, delete articles, and even publish new content without any restrictions.

This poses a considerable security risk, especially when collaborating with new or international team members in different time zones.

Moreover, the potential for negative short-term SEO impact due to unintended or malicious changes is a constant worry.

I can't monitor the site 24/7, and the current permissions setup leaves the site vulnerable to a variety of risks that can be easily mitigated with more granular control options.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

  • TCB
  • Sep 21 2023
  • BrandBridge Media commented
    20 Feb 06:03pm

    Same issue. I'm having to do a ton of extra work because I don't want to expose proprietary information to freelancers. Give us the user permissions!