Dynamically updating functionality on static pages

I have a TON of "today" and "this week" static pages that display different content either every day or every week.

I have no way of updating the thumbnail image (in the settings panel for that page) dynamically, even though the pages are promoted regularly and all the images on the page do change with new information from the CMS.

It seems logical that there would be a way to have all of those settings panel fields update dynamically just like content on the page can.

(Currently I manually grab the link from the collection entry and add it to setting panel. I'd also be happy with an API way to change page settings content.)

I realize this is possible on collection pages, but for efficiency of automation and for SEO it seems to make more sense to fill up a single weekly CMS collection entry with enough content to fill 3 to 5 pages. Currently this method allows me the ability to update 120+ blogs a week.

FWIW the SEO logic behind this structure is kind of bonkers. Obviously having more pages is better but Google rates page that update frequently higher (they're my bread-winners). The URL doesn't change for promotions, encouraging users to easily visit for new content regularly. Plus, I do place the massive amount of content on a collection page just to double down on the SEO traffic and as an archive — sites also rank higher as they grow in page number size and age.

It is a setup that requires an extremely pragmatic preliminary design planning approach, but Figma et al. make that a breeze these days.

So I mean I hope other designers have been marketing savvy and used this architecture method.

I imagine content like horoscopes and other "reading" content would.

Any "XYZ of the day" content.

Or even news of any kind you could disseminate the different bits of content across many pages with a single update so that a Google search of "Today's basketball scores" (lol idk sports) could potentially lead someone to a URL that literally always says exactly that and nothing more.

Anyway so yeah, that is my wish. That page settings could update dynamically just like page content can.

(Or that I could update static page thumbnails from API.)

Cheers 💎

  • Sean August Horvath
  • Sep 26 2023
  • Stof Hofer commented
    17 Dec, 2023 04:09pm

    Not sure if i understand it right, but this sounds like it could be done with components? You can create a component, add it to any number of pages. And whenever you change your component, it will update all across your pages.