Better image sizing for Rich Text

As of today, clients can make images 50% width and then have two images on one plane. But its impossible to make that same images 100% on mobile. And the client also have to make sure the images is the exact same size. 

This site has a good example.

I think this had to be done with a image blocks. Where you can choose a layout of the images. That solves the problem if the images is different height and width*. And the client don't have to think about mobile.


* The image block will work as a div where the images is the background. So images that is different sizes will be cropped. 

  • Kjell Ruben S.
  • Apr 13 2017
  • Nils Heinemann commented
    24 Aug, 2020 09:49am

    It´s such a basic thing... There must be a way to set the rich text image to 50% on desktop and to 100% on mobile screens...

  • Salim Batlouni commented
    13 Aug, 2017 08:52am

    Basically, when I click the different image sizing options in Rich Text, I wish each of those assigned a class, so that I can make the smaller image still maintain 100% size on mobile.

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