New variable type: Text

E.g. add a phone number or support email as a variable for sitewide use and easy to update. Business Name as well would be ideal to easily change sitewide as I sometimes duplicate sites and resell to new clients.

  • Kjetil Grøsland
  • Oct 9 2023
  • Jon Chan commented
    24 Jan 04:14pm

    Couldn't something like this be achieved with components?

  • Keven Lupien commented
    7 Jan 02:58pm

    I've been searching for a way to do this for a while now and thought the same thing – if it could be a type of variable that would be super useful. It'd be great for those examples you've listed as well as stats that change (e.g. 27 locations). It would also be ideal if the variable could be used in the title tag and meta description.