Allow publishing to staging only without breaking logic flows

Having added Logic flows to my build I can no longer publish my site to Staging only.

This then makes the use of having a Staging site redundant.

A work around is needed to allow publishing to Staging only and not break Logic flows

  • Terry Yee
  • Oct 9 2023
  • Daniel Brown commented
    10 Jun 05:59pm

    Very important for any sort of iterative development!

  • Paul Walsh commented
    4 Jun 06:27pm

    I'm utterly speechless. How can preserving this crucial functionality have been overlooked? It makes using Logic completely illogical. Any embedded code requires the site to be published to check it's working properly.

    Please fix this or at least explain what the problem is. Or can this even be fixed, are we stuck with this for the forseeable?

  • Nick Losacco commented
    2 May 03:59pm

    This makes two very important features useless at the same time

  • Ben Ahrens commented
    1 May 07:25pm

    Any update on this request?

  • Daniel Ekstam commented
    8 Apr 10:25am

    If this is not fixed it makes the Logic flows useless. Or it makes the staging useless. really bad.

    Make this happen please.

  • Irina Zaman commented
    2 Apr 06:05pm

    Yes, this is a very important feature, otherwise it creates some serious limitations.

  • Eric Palhof commented
    28 Mar 01:34pm

    Logic is needed and it just needs to publish an event. If Webflow will not work on this then make a component for a form to submit to CMS. This would help immensely as we are building products with subscriptions so allowing a subscriber in a gated area to submit to the CMS would simplify everything. Without it, we must use a third party like finsweet.

  • Susi Harris commented
    26 Mar 07:44pm

    Please fix this, logic could be a huge asset to all of my sites.

  • Michael Wells commented
    25 Mar 09:25pm

    Ideally, the ability to stage the flows themselves so that changes can be tested independently of production.

  • Dennis "Mars" Porter commented
    18 Mar 02:17pm

    This is so important.

    It's not a "nice to have" feature, it's actually a I can't use webflow for most of my clients feature.

  • Magic Tripsitters commented
    13 Dec, 2023 12:18pm

    I need this!!

  • Chris Van Diepen commented
    13 Dec, 2023 01:51am

    Yes please, this is a really important feature!

  • Nina Martinez commented
    12 Oct, 2023 02:02pm

    This is such a huge oversight. We need a solution ASAP!