Allow re-ordering of Variables

Just let us re-order variables! Even adding variables to a group doesn't affect their order!

  • Daniel Castro Maia
  • Oct 11 2023
  • Dave Yoon commented
    29 Nov 05:40pm

    This is definitely something that drives me crazy.

    I've found a way to work around this by adding existing variables into a new group in the preferred order. E.g., If you had an unorganized group of variables called 'colors,' you can rename those vars as 'colors2/variable' in the order you want them listed, and then rename them from 'colors2/variable' to 'colors/variable.'

    It's still unbelievably annoying to do this, but seems to be the only way to reorder them.

  • Kevin Chiang commented
    19 Nov 08:08pm

    Why did y'all make a whole a** redesign and introduced all these new features but didn't give us the ability to sort and order our variables? SMFH why do I pay so much for this crap...

  • Daniel Quaranta commented
    9 Nov 06:10am

    Please add this, it's much needed

  • Interactive Design Co. commented
    27 Oct 04:31pm

    I need it so much!

  • Lucian Chevallier commented
    26 Oct 11:17am

    This would be great please!

  • Andres Gonzalez commented
    19 Oct 10:00pm

    Must have, the unorganized variables is driving my OCD nuts 😂😂😂

  • Maxime Villalonga commented
    19 Oct 01:35pm

    Yes ! please ! This mess is driving me nuts.

  • Lennart Hennig commented
    17 Oct 07:52pm

    So weird. This is such a tiny bit of front end dev and reordering colors has already been a wish for years. Can't comprehend why they would completely ignore the user wishes when rebuilding the whole feature anyway.

    Rarely met a company that is so indifferent to user feedback and so not attuned to their customers needs as webflow. Absolutely tone-deaf.

    Again Finsweet with a tiny dev team has to come fix it. Baffling.

  • Kieran Mahon commented
    16 Oct 01:43pm

    Yes, this a must have to make variables manageable

  • Thomas Gibbons commented
    15 Oct 10:27am

    Absolutely!! you put colors in then you add some sizes. its all mixed up scrolling down through a menu of sporadic variables is not fun