Searching within Webflow Apps

The addition of the app marketplace is awesome! However, it's a huge miss that you can't search within the apps!

For example – if I'm looking for a "cookies" app, I shouldn't have to shuffle through several categories and click dozens of apps and manually read through descriptions / features in order to hopefully stumble upon the specific service I am looking for. I should just be able to search "cookies" and instantly find it (or immediately learn that it doesn't exist yet).

Pretty crazy that this wasn't added in phase one, so please add it soon!

  • Isaac Jacobson
  • Oct 14 2023
  • Shawn Talvacchia commented
    15 Jan 03:49am

    I'm so confused why there wouldn't be one. Is there really no way to search the apps, I have to do a google search instead? That works fine enough, but it just seems so strange that this wouldn't be built into the page.