A dedicated accessibility widget like the one used on exceptionalindividuals.com

I found a website, whilst researching to build our own, called exceptionalindividuals.com. On this website they had a widget at the bottom of the screen that had controls to alter the way the website was displayed. It even had a play/pause/stop control that would read out any highlighted text for those with difficulty in reading or with visual impairments.
The widget had toggle buttons for high contrast viewing (dyslexia/colour-blindness etc.) and also buttons that altered the size of the text on the page.

Do you have any resources like this that can be added to a website that is created on your platform? If not, please can you develop one?

  • Futures in Film
  • Oct 18 2023
  • Katie Diduch commented
    15 Jan 05:49pm

    Hi. What you're referring to is an "accessibility" overlay or widget. More often than not, these overlays cause more barriers to users of assistive technologies are not a solution for improving site's accessibility. These are fought against by users of assistive technology and accessibility industry specialists for that reason. To provide an accessible experience you must build your site to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 – 2.2 at the most appropriate level possible as well as for best practices are real user experiences.