Sort CMS lists by 'Date Originally Published'

An option to sort collection lists via 'Date Originally Published'. The idea is that there could be a way to sort a list that is not impacted by when the draft was original created, and not impacted by any subsequent updates being published. I would think 'Published on' would work in this manner, but it does not.. it closely mimics 'Updated On' date for some reason.

Use cases:

  • Drafts are made long before eventually being published. Sorting the list by 'date created' displays the item back when the draft was created, and not when it was first published. Current work around is to duplicate drafts when I need to publish to reset 'Created On' date.

  • When sorting by date published: When edits are made, editing and republishing an item pushes it to the front of the list (which often isn't wanted). I get edits need to be 'published', but this makes the option useless next to a sort by 'Updated On' that does essentially the same thing.

  • Jon Way
  • Nov 9 2023