Increase maximum number of locals - More Localisation & Languages

The limitation of 5 locals is not enough for many European companies. There should not be such a low limit in languages. For many websites this means there is a limit to how much they can grow with webflow.
Also it makes it incredible difficult to sell a localisable Webflow site to a customer, because if they need more languages down the road it's gonna be very difficult for them to understand that this is not possible

  • Tim Muller
  • Nov 20 2023
  • Unbiased commented
    29 Mar 10:37am

    Much needed requirement

  • Marley J commented
    29 Mar 04:31am


  • Josselin Delarousse commented
    20 Dec, 2023 11:06am


  • Tom Janu commented
    22 Nov, 2023 09:52am

    Totally agree, I hope this is just a launch version. We would love to add (and pay for) around 10 locales on the Essential plan. The current limit of 3 is super low.