Set conditional visibility in components based on CMS field state

Within unlinked components we can set conditional visibility based on whether a specific CMS field "is set." With components we only have conditional visibility based on "toggle" fields. I'd like to set an icon button to appear only if a specific link "is set" and hide if not set.

  • Patrick Foley
  • Nov 29 2023
  • Giuseppe Legrottaglie commented
    22 May 05:29pm

    This is very crucial. For example, I have a 'New' tag that appears on the blog post card for up to 15 days from the publication date, but I can't use components because the conditional visibility is locked for toggles.

  • Jon Way commented
    10 Feb 03:55pm

    I'm fairly amazed this hasn't shipped– it seems like it would be low effort and high return. With a site that has a lot of CMS content and uses collection lists with a large amount of conditional visibilities to display it, not having this is really curtailing the actual power of using components.

    An easy example is with product tiles. I can't use components if I want to have something like a 'new' tag for recent products published in the last 14 days. There's a lot more use cases, but something as simple as that is preventing me from using components in a meaningful way and I still have to update every instance of product tiles.

  • Stof Hofer commented
    17 Dec, 2023 03:46pm

    I would love to see this