Multi Selection by holding Shift/Control

It would be incredibly useful to select multiple elements with a combination used by every other design program, text software, file browser, etc -> Shift/Control.


I have a have multiple headings and paragraphs all over my Page. Some are H1, some are H2. Some Paragraphs have additional styling, some dont.

Now I want to select every Paragraph. No matter which styling they already have, I want to overide it with the changes i make now with the selection.

It would be more intuitive for Designers.

  • Till
  • Dec 7 2023
  • Matan Assulin commented
    8 Dec, 2023 08:42pm

    When you input a paragraph or select any paragraph without a class assigned yet... then you will get this selector popup to pick which class as I am sure you are used to seeing... always at the very top is an option to pick "all paragraphs" or "all H1s" etc... and you can edit them all as you were looking for....

    if you are looking to select only multiple classes and not all, that isnt an option in webflow as that would be a very messy thing