Agency Account Sub-Workspaces

Improve Agency / client / partner interactions with Agency "sub-workspaces" that act as regular workspaces, but are Agency-owned and inherit Agency dev permissions.

Here's my thinking-

With the elimination of client billing, one of the popular solutions has been to setup a new workspace for the client, under their own CC, with their own projects, then have them invite you as a guest.

It's a pain to set this up for non-technical clients, and this process doesn't work

Similarly, when an agency is working on a project with outside parties like developers, spline specialists, SEO specialists, integration specialists, Wized devs and others, there's a need to give them access... but currently there is no way to restrict Workspace invites by project or folder, which is hugely risky and problematic for agencies and their clients.

All the mechanics are there- why not allow an agency to create sub-workspaces, which have these distinguishing characteristics;

  • Owned by the Agency. No one can remove them, except the Agency themselves. Agency invites clients, devs, partners, etc. themselves.

  • While it's owned by the Agency, it inherits the permissions of the owning account, in particular the ability to build sites without "free plan" page limits and CMS limits. The agency can do a proper build - alongside trusted partners they've invited.

  • At launch, the client can complete the hosting setup and add their own CC.

  • Only the owner ( Agency ) can create sites, clone sites, delete sites, or transfer sites in or out of the sub-workspace.

Variant #2-

A slightly more specific way to do this is to assign Workspace roles.

  • Owner ( initially, the Agency ), who has super-admin rights

  • Billing ( can be assigned to the invited client )

  • Later, potentially other roles... content translator, SEO expert, editor, which get carried into the sites and affect what can be accessed.

I like this one even more in that it gives control around future needs, particularly since things like the content editor seem to be on the path to deprecation, and there are critical new needs around localization.

  • Michael Wells
  • Dec 12 2023