Pause Membership Feature


Introduce a "Pause Membership" function within Webflow's membership system to cater to businesses and individuals offering productized services (e.g., video editors, graphic designers, web designers). This feature benefits both service providers and clients by providing flexibility.


  1. Client Flexibility: It allows clients to have control over their subscriptions, offering them the freedom to pause a service they've paid for without losing their investment. This flexibility is particularly valuable for services that might not be needed continuously, such as graphic design or video editing.

  2. Peace of Mind: Clients can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they can temporarily halt their service whenever necessary, whether due to personal reasons, vacations, or changing needs, without the fear of wasting their prepaid services.

  3. Improved Customer Experience: By providing this option, businesses can enhance their customer experience and build trust with their clients, as it demonstrates a commitment to accommodating their individual circumstances.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Service providers can gain a competitive edge in the market by offering a feature that many competitors may not have. This can attract more clients and boost customer retention.

  5. Increased Sales: The ability to pause memberships can lead to higher sales, as potential clients may be more inclined to subscribe to a service that offers such flexibility, knowing they can adapt their usage as needed.


In the user account area:

  • Clients can choose to "pause" their membership alongside the "cancel" option.

  • Upon selecting "pause," clients will be prompted that their services will be paused, effective immediately. It also displays the remaining days on their membership.

  • Clients can confirm this action to put their account into a paused state.

  • When clients decide to resume their membership, services continue for the remaining days, followed by a renewal charge at the end of their 30-day cycle.

  • Chris Reyes
  • Dec 15 2023