Auto-populate ALT text based on special filename syntax

Hey guys, I just had an idea that is born of the somewhat tedious effort it takes to get appropriate ALT text added to each of our published images. My idea is this: create a special filename syntax that Webflow will recognize and remove for use as the ALT text of that image.



...could become:

red_balloons{A bundle of red balloons floating in the sky}.jpg


red_balloons|alt:A bundle of red balloons floating in the sky.jpg

When that file is uploaded, Webflow would see and remove the special syntax from the file name, converting it to the ALT text. While I'm glad that Webflow's Assets panel has gotten so robust, basic filename manipulation like this is a LOT faster in a bulk situation. Having a feature like this would make this basic accessibility need a lot more fluid for power users.


  • Whit Gurley
  • Dec 27 2023
  • Whit Gurley commented
    28 Dec, 2023 11:37pm

    Just dawned on me that this could be slightly extended to include the 'decorative' specification as well, for images that don't require an ALT tag:


    ...would be set as Decorative upon upload. Again, having this option would make bulk uploads far easier.