Drag to re-order items in a CMS Multi-Reference field in the editor

Drag to re-order items in a CMS Multi-Reference field in the editor. Sometimes if I have items in here - I have to delete them all and order them as I'd like. It'd be nice to be able to drag and re-order them.

  • Diarmuid Sexton
  • Apr 19 2017
  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    May 12, 2017 00:50

    Is this for reordering collections in the collection panel or to create a specific order for collection items (https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-161 or https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-155)

  • Diarmuid Sexton commented
    May 12, 2017 10:34

    Hi Sergie,

    This is for re-ordering the items in a multi-reference field in the editor - a simple drag and drop would be nice. See attached image.

  • Odie Partners commented
    May 12, 2017 11:53

    This would allow us to create a much easier image gallery workaround as well by allow us to multi-ref link to a collection of images and control their order of display.

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    15 May 19:08

    Essential and a regular feature in WordPress order by menu_order

  • Brian Harstine commented
    19 Jun 15:59

    yes needed!! - has this feature been enabled yet? re-ordering CMS entries for a portfolio style page would be killer