Integrate localization features in Webflow's e-commerce plans to enable multi-regional businesses to offer a more personalized shopping experience.

Why It's Useful: Localization allows businesses to adapt their e-commerce sites for different regions, offering content, currency, and payment methods tailored to local markets. This enhances user experience, potentially increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Who Would Benefit: This feature is invaluable for businesses targeting global markets, as it simplifies managing multi-regional online stores and appeals to customers by providing a familiar, localized shopping experience.

How It Should Work: Webflow should allow easy management of region-specific site versions within the e-commerce platform, including automatic region detection for users with the option to switch manually, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

  • Elias Nabi
  • Dec 31 2023
  • Toni Krstic commented
    13 Jun 11:20am

    Offering content, currency, and payment methods tailored to local markets are essential features. Without it, Webflow will never be a solution for selling physical products.

  • Javier Rodriguez commented
    3 Jan 04:59pm

    Only after several years does Webflow build one of the most important features of a website builder. Then localization is finally there, but only for non-shop sites. A one-language policy that is not easy to understand (perhaps only Americans understand).

    Greetings from Europe