Expansion of Localization Functionality for E-commerce Items on Webflow

Webflow currently provides localization for its CMS items but not for e-commerce products cms item. This limitation means that when switching languages on a Webflow site, e-commerce products are not translated and disappear, as they are only created for the primary local. This issue hinders the ability to create a fully localized e-commerce site directly on Webflow with a localization plan. (I thought it was an isolated bug, but a Webflow technician has confirmed that the translation of e-commerce products is not yet a feature available on the platform.)

  • TMH Corporation SA
  • Jan 9 2024
  • Siggi commented
    20 Jul 08:24am

    Localization on everything except E-commerce is very poor for Webflow since most e-commerce sites want to do business globally.

    This alone could push a lot of customers with webshops to other platforms.

    Please add this and reduce utter disappointment to eager E-commerce Webflowers.

  • HYPE Team commented
    23 Jun 12:22pm

    It is crazy that, in the middle of development, we have found out that translating products is not possible!

    Webflow does not put much focus because they find that Webflow e-commerce usage is low. However, the logic is the opposite: the low usage is because the current features are too weak.

  • William Bellity commented
    27 May 02:05pm

    It's really sad that this feature doesn't exist. We shouldn't have to choose between ecommerce and localization.

  • Raúl Zamora commented
    9 May 09:46am

    we neeed this

  • Andreas Kilkeew commented
    7 May 12:44pm

    How am I supposed to offer my store in diffrent languages?

  • Raúl Zamora commented
    26 Apr 08:30am

    We require this feature