Too Much Spam!

I know everyone using Webflow has been receiving an ungodly amount of spam for many years now. It needs to stop!

I have a VERY strong suspicion that Webflow has been selling/leaking our data. This is the reason why I've built websites on other platforms for years and till this day they have not generated even 1% of what Webflow sites receive in weekly spam. I've also ran a small test we're I changed my account email to an email I never use, and miraculously, that email for the first time ever was flooded with spam. Then upon closer inspection I found that many of the spam emails matched the spam from my customer's Webflow forms. This is unexpectable we are loyal customers that pay some of the highest prices in the industry to use Webflow so no matter what they say, they are responsible and need to rectify this problem promptly and permanently.

Let's all vote on this idea to show them we're not taking their shit anymore! ✊

  • Frank Filipplli
  • Feb 4 2024