Different values for Variables per breakpoint

Pretty self explanatory. Variables are fantastic but being able to set them per breakpoint would make things a lot more user friendly. And a lot less media queries lol. There's lots of space in the variables panel - fill it up!

  • Cole Inkpen
  • Feb 13 2024
  • Brandon Sherrick commented
    4 May 09:05am

    That was so amazing. This will help many things.


  • Deborah Powell commented
    13 Mar 06:07am

    If you want more details please tell me.

    Manage Indigo card

  • Deborah Powell commented
    13 Mar 06:02am

    While CSS doesn’t currently support breakpoint-specific variables natively, you can achieve a similar effect using CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less, or by using JavaScript to dynamically update CSS variable values based on the viewport size. Manage Indigo card while this approach can reduce the number of media queries you write, it’s important to use it judiciously to avoid potential performance issues from excessive JavaScript execution on resize events. Always test your implementation to ensure it meets your performance and usability standards.