Collection lists: Place elements in wrapper(s), output of semantic lists

1) For some reason, we can´t place anything in between Collection List Wrapper, Collection List and Collection List Item.

-> Now, this is not exactly great. And here is a simple example why:

  • I want to display a header/title for a collection list widget, but ONLY if there are actual results found.

  • And if there are no results, I want to show a different or even no header using the Empty State.

  • So if I were able to just place my header inside the Collection List, it seems this would basically yield the desired results with no hacks or workarounds needed.

But it seems not possible right now.

2) Also, the fact that the collection lists can´t generate actual semantic HTML lists like <ul> or <dl> is also not exactly great.

I would love to see this improved!

  • Stof Hofer
  • Feb 20 2024