Possibility to lock translations on components

I find the possibility to be able to translate a whole page to another language in one click by selecting "Translate to X" on the Body tag very convenient. However it seems as if that affects translations that has already been done to components, e.g. for typical components that appear on all pages like the header/footer, these are reverted to machine translations. This is especially noticable in cases where the translated languages uses english terms that shouldn't be translated in the context it is in e.g. if it's a product name.

It would be very useful to be able to somehow mark a translation that has been completed for an component as 'locked', so that it is possible to translate a whole page without changing the translations for these elements, or e.g. have a content editor mistankingly translate a component that is embedded in a section that they run a machine translation on.

  • Christer Persson
  • Feb 20 2024