Site search auto-indexing schedule that responds to manual indexing


Under the CMS plan, my site automatically indexes its content every 3 days.

When I publish a new blog post, I also manually index as a last step, to make sure the most recent blog post is included in search results.


Automatic indexing can be useful, but right now it doesn't matter when I manually index the site, it will stick to its predetermined schedule. This can result in the automatic indexing running at times that aren't helpful, and then because I can only index once every 24 hours, this schedule often prevents me from manually indexing when it would be useful.

Feature request

Make automatic indexing adjust its schedule if I manually index.

For example, let's say the automatic indexing is on Monday at 5pm. This means the next time it runs automatically will be Thursday at 5pm.

However, if I manually index the site on Wednesday at 8am, then I would like the automatic indexing to adjust itself to not run again until Saturday at 8am (3 days from last index).

  • David Riensche
  • Feb 24 2024