SPA support (i.e Barba.js or equivilent)

The more I work with Webfow for client sites the more common it becomes that clients want seamless page transitions.

The Problem

Webflow interactions (specifically page load interactions) are not compatible with Barba.ja and similar libraries. It also means that hacky and complicated re-initiatisation has to take place inside custom site wide code and this is difficult to manage alongside Webflow's native animations.

The Solution

I would assume that it would be possible to bake Barba.js or an equivalent PJAX type library into Webflow and provide this out of the box so that we creatives don't need to hack around Webflow to turn our web designs into SPA emulators.

The Request

Implement a seamless page transitions feature that enables Webflow users to build SPA type websites without having to hack around existing native features.

Side Note:

A clearly documented way of using a third party library such as Barba.js that allows the user to reset all Webflow animations and interaction types with a single handler would be better than nothing.

  • Jack Vanstone
  • Mar 6 2024