Creating Elements with Combo-Classes over API

This feature would allow developers to create a Layout with a bit more complex naming convention from pure data.

For Example in our case, we want to create a Tool which can generate multiple elements with the same naming convention in 1 click. How would this work? We always use a class like, “section-hero” and the combo-class: “section” this allows to set default values on “section”, there could be a tool which automatically ads the combo-class “section” if the first input contains section in the beginning.

Also every section has a container with the naming: “container-hero” and the combo-class: “container” aswell as section_header-hero, section_body-hero, and section_footer-hero, all with the according combo-class. And as you might see all contain the same “name” so we could click a button to create a section, a popup would follow where we would put in hero, and 5 Elements would instantly be created by pressing enter.

The Screenshot is from the Webflow API Documentation, and shows exactly what we're searching for:

  • Winno GmbH
  • Mar 8 2024