Custom code field in CMS

When creating a collection, can we have the option to choose an embed element? So the idea would be to have multiple embeds items within a collection not just text or integers

  • Dominic Romito
  • Apr 22 2017
  • Eril Gun Ezerel commented
    6 Apr 06:29am

    This blog post explains how to do it. It might intimidate you at first, but anyone get it done under 1 hour.

  • Frederik Sally commented
    30 Jan 02:35pm

    Any updates on this?

  • William Valvo commented
    2 Dec, 2019 10:44pm


  • Richard Ricketts commented
    7 Nov, 2019 02:39am

    I was disappointed to find out this wasn't a native feature in webflow. This is a MUST! I already have several websites that I've had to find alternative solutions for because this feature was not present. PLEASE HELP!

  • Carlos Bauza commented
    5 Aug, 2019 03:04pm
    It would be very useful for dynamic pages to include Embed Code in CMS Collection New Field. I hope you can include it. Carlos Bauza
  • Jenn Virskus commented
    15 May, 2019 06:32pm

    Yes this is SO needed!

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