IE9 CSS callback Sopport!!!

Make css callbacks that detects when a specific technology is not supported on all browsers and fix it automatically. We don't want to think about browser support when using for example "flexbox" or "100vh".

  • Miguel Miranda
  • Apr 25 2017
  • Ray Designer commented
    5 Sep, 2017 05:23am

    No... please no. Let us not revert our standards by supporting backward compatibility.

  • Improve Webflow commented
    8 May, 2017 11:16pm

    What? Why would you even want support for IE9? And no, that's not even possible. Not without an immense amount of programming and hard work only for it to be wasted when something is finally used by 2 people on the planet. Internet Explorer is no longer supported and it's dead. No one should be using it except cheap companies that deserve to die because they built their applications to only support IE. No wonder Webflow has "Under consideration" as a default for all new Wishlist posts. And no wonder they don't even look at half of them.