Increase unhosted site limits on the freelancer plan

I am just a freelancer so by definition, you'd think I should be suitable to stay with the Freelancer Workplace plan.

And I am! I love it!

However, I always duplicate my clients' sites before I had them over. This makes sure we both have a secure backup of their entire project in case they decide to be a developer for a day and end up really messing something up or accidentally archiving their site.

It's also nice for me to keep a record, and reuse any components, scripts, styling, etc. that I create in a past project and use them in another project. It saves a lot of time. Plus, it's just nice seeing the full collection of sites you've built.

However, with the limit of 10 unhosted sites I run out of space quickly. Some of these spaces are already taken up by starter templates, style guides or other useful cloneables.

I understand there is an Agency plan which solves this issue. But I feel the Freelancer plan unhosted site limits are a little tight for people just starting out.

If you do an online course (3 sites), have your own site (1 site), have a starter template or useful cloneable (min 2 sites), and maybe a pet project (1 site), you're left with just space for 3 client sites to be backed up into your workplace.

It'd be great for this limit to be at least doubled to 20 sites.

Thank you Webflow Team!

  • Lucian Chevallier
  • Apr 18 2024