Onboard New Clients from Site Transfer Menu

Figma Presentation

Hey Webflow peeps, thanks for the time!

For the most part, our clients aren’t existing Webflow users. Mistakes are common when choosing the right plans & crediting our work (partner codes).

Currently we walk them through account creation, adding a dev, billing, etc.
My suggestions aim to remove friction to the process and let them dive directly into their new site while keeping their experience "on rails".

Set up a client workspace

  • From Webflow site transfer menu:

  • Fill out a form doing the first steps for clients:

  • Client Email

  • Email contains additional instructions / info

  • Custom instructions field (like telling them what plan)

  • Select site to transfer (locks website after confirmation)

  • Checkbox to add you as a Freelancer Guest


  • Link to create a Webflow account

  • Additional fun to have:

  • Link to getting started / clients guide to Webflow

  • Link to “How to add hosting” help article

On Account Creation

  • Auto add partner code

  • Transfer website on account creation

  • RNR Studio
  • May 1 2024