Tool-tip For Truncated Image File Names

When using the assets manager, I'm able to hover over an image to reveal the full file name. This is super helpful when managing tons of images that use the same file naming convention and the discernible part of the file name has been truncated. For example, with a long file name such as: "furniture-company_sofa_upholstered_97-inch.jpg" and "furniture-company_sofa_upholstered_88-inch.jpg". Visually, these two images are nearly identical outside of the width difference as denoted in the name.

The downside is that once the images are positioned on the page, I have no way to come back later to see what the two images are named. When viewing the settings, the name is truncated and there's no "tool-tip-style" indicator to easily tell me which is which… neither in the settings panel or when clicking on the image and selecting the little gear icon. The truncated names in these two places should offer a way to see the full name. I could have sworn this was possible before (at least in the setting panel) and it's now gone? Can't confirm, but seem to remember this function.

  • Chris Hunter
  • May 9 2024