Expanded Export Options

I am a programmer before a designer and would like to use Webflow to design front-ends for my Django backends. I can do this using the export function, but not without a lot of moving and editing each time I export.

For example, all of the static files in my Django project are generally under '/static' rather than '/' (/static/js, /static/css, etc.). I have to export the project, move the files into my directory structure, and then manually edit all of my HTML to specify the new paths to the CSS and javascript files. I wrote a script to do this, but it's quite limited in scope and difficult to work with.

I realize that you guys probably can't try to optimize the export for all the various frameworks (Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.), but I thought a relatively easy idea would be to allow us some more simple export options - like the ability to specify a different path for the style-sheets, javascripts, and static images.

Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Gene Reese
  • Apr 26 2017
  • Alex Dixon commented
    4 Jul 02:57pm

    Gulp.js is handy for this type of automated work, I use it to tweak the package code, add in new files, optimise the files/images, and then spit it back as a refined zip file.

  • Kent Rutan commented
    19 Mar, 2019 11:56am

    I am a programmer before a designer also but working with a designer in a small company. We would also like this feature, but since it only has 10 votes including mine since April 2017, It’s probably not at the top of the list. ☹️

    Is your script worth sharing on github so others like me can help make it better?

  • +10