Refund Unused Site Plan (Prorated Amount for Clients)

We invoice our clients the Webflow site plan amount, and we choose annual for the reduced rate. However, our clients may have certain websites for shorter periods of time and require them to be taken offline. It's very difficult to explain to a client that we can't refund their unused amount and therefore have to eat the cost. Getting an account credit for an agency account doesn't necessarily help when you can't apply a credit to another client's billing.

  • James Jerkowski
  • May 28 2024
  • Vincent Curtis commented
    6 Jun 11:45am

    Hello, @James Jerkowski disneyhub

    I hope my suggestion is helpfull to you.

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  • Vincent Curtis commented
    6 Jun 10:19am

    Hello! @James Jerkowski

    For prorated refunds on Webflow site plans:

    • Webflow typically doesn’t refund for unused time when downgrading to a free plan.

    • Agencies can’t easily transfer credits between clients within their account.

    • Consider discussing with Webflow support for exceptions.

    • Include a clause in client contracts about non-refundable costs.

    This approach can help manage expectations and financial implications.