Page Links inside Rich Text CMS| Bring them to the 21st Century

Linking internal pages should be at the center of any CMS as it boosts seo and engages readers. I feel that the Rich Text Editor linking functionality does not receive enough attention for being the user interface to this important functionality.

The attached image is the link dialog for rich text (what I would like to see improved).

Specifically I propose:

I propose if I paste a URL coming from my own website. Detect that its an internal page link - so that it translates automatically to other locales and updates when I change the URL of the item.

Remove the Link type selector (left to the URL field) and just put the link types (External, page, email, phone) next to the x on the inial pop-up.

The current search for Internal pages is limited to 100 pages per collection. Remove that limit.

  • O H
  • Jun 13 2024
  • Gregory Chavez commented
    20 Jun 05:25am

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