Send form submission data to CMS

I'm not sure why this function does not exist yet, since it seems so simple.

The basic idea is to port/forward/link Webflow form data to a CMS collection. So people can send information to the CMS based on a Webflow form. This is greatly beneficial for anyone that makes a platform out of their website.

Currently I'm using a work-around through Typeform & Zapier, which is a hassle, since it uses two other (paid) services. If I'm paying for a CMS website, imo this should be included in the basics.

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  • Apr 28 2017
Forms / CMS
  • Stephen Johnson commented
    April 28, 2017 23:33

    This would be really good to have!!!

  • Brandon Urich commented
    June 02, 2017 21:14

    I was just looking at the CMS API to see if I could some how wire this up on my own. Makes so much sense. You could choose in a setting wether you want it to save as a draft or published item. All you need is the ability to link a web form field to a Collection field.

  • Brandon Urich commented
    June 02, 2017 21:17

    Also.. this would open up lots of possibilities with webflow. Tying in the ability to create front end users with user access control settings could be added and then you could essentially build you own web application to some extent. It would also allow you to build you own comments section on pages/ collections. Super powerful.

  • Daniel Jaramillo commented
    August 21, 2017 01:13

    This would open the doors for building platforms in Webflow!

    I guess I'll have to figure out something with the API for now. 

  • Jacqui Nuske commented
    April 07, 2018 05:23

    Since Adobe Business Catalyst announced its upcoming End of Life Ive been looking for a CMS with similar functionality. User submitted web apps (in webflow, 'collections') were a huge feature of Adobe BC and I know a lot of Partners (soon to be ex-partners) are looking for a platform that has this functionality. You could attract a great many new clients, as around 100K BC Partners are about to be homeless, some with 100s of sites.

  • Hustle Everyday commented
    April 17, 2018 22:24

    I think this idea also insists a login system, and essentially turning Webflow into a lot of what Wordpress offers. Great idea, and I'm in full support. But I think later down the road when Webflow has a plugins API, we will see a way to implement this or something like it.

  • Jordan Terry commented
    May 23, 2018 15:05

    This is a great idea! Would love to know more about how you linked it up using Typeform and Zapier for the time being as many of us are needing this functionality for current projects.

  • Josh Walker commented
    May 31, 2018 04:24

    What a great conversation going on here. 

    I too came looking for this an added my +3 vote. 

    I'll be connecting my current typeform up via Zapier but hope this comes soon as it seems like a pretty easy feature to add in comparison to other big items the team is working on. 

    Keep up the good work Webflow. 

    Much love

  • Zain Burghed commented
    June 13, 2018 21:55

    absolutely, would love this. 

  • Al Laop commented
    July 08, 2018 06:37

    This would be super helpful

  • Brandon McKay commented
    July 20, 2018 19:19

    Man, this really does seem like it would be simple to link for them. Doesn't require creating a login/app which they're reluctant to create at this stage. Plus its a great feature to motivate users to add hosting as its another reason to utilize webflow CMS. 

  • Josh Walker commented
    September 12, 2018 17:26

    Can't wait for this. My zap keeps giving me issues as clients input different url formats. Here's a recent error from Zapier:


    The app returned "Expected value to be a valid URL string". This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn't in a recognized format.
    I cant find any info on what the acceptable webflow cms input format is.
    the client put this in: :


    Seems fine to me. 


    Any help would be great.

  • Tom Smith commented
    October 04, 2018 15:29

    So many uses for this! Top of our community's wish list for sure!

  • Allan Bandanes commented
    November 16, 2018 04:17

    This is a great idea! Would be needing this feature all the way :)

  • Tim Gabrielsson commented
    November 26, 2018 12:54

    Could we get an update whether this is in the backlog or not? A very important feature for making platforms, as suggested by OP. :-)

  • David Mkwambisi commented
    December 03, 2018 06:00

    @Webflow please comment on this. This is feature is a must. 

  • Josh Walker commented
    December 28, 2018 22:21

    Commenting again. Hoping for an update @Webflow. 



  • Florence Kwok commented
    15 Jan 04:01

    @Webflow any updates on this?

  • Nathan Altman commented
    04 Feb 23:54

    @webflow -> Update on this? Thanks all! 

  • Josh Walker commented
    07 Feb 14:16

    It really bums me out that so many features are being added on the ecommerce front while this sits here with so many upvotes. 

    I'm currently routing through typeform, then zapier, and it often breaks. 

    Please consider adding this soon my friends. 




  • Tellgrid commented
    12 Feb 14:16

    Example - creating a job board could be done by using TypeForm to collect both the job description and the payment and this connected to Zapier could then update the Webflow cms.

    However it would be amazing if all of this could be managed directly through Webflow - Webflow forms collect the data and update Webflow cms instantly. A 'pay' / 'make payment' element could be added to the form if integrated with Webflow ecommerce.

  • Matthew White commented
    15 Feb 02:22

    I cannot believe for the life of me why this feature wouldn't be added... I mean WTF.. its basic fundamentals... you need a front end from to populate the CMS... Do you not see the importance of this.. or what... so many people are asking ... Cmon guys.. this is fundamentals of creating a website with dynamic functionality... Are we supposed to keep using typeform and get constant errors ... or you going to actually come to the table and give your community what they need to move forward with good forms that work as they should.. 

  • Milan Balogh commented
    06 Mar 11:28

    I'd use this to allow clients to configure the product (services) and then at the same time be able to visually see what the result looks like. Think of an app as the product that has features you toggle on/off and the feature set is saved in a CMS Collection, and the client would use the form fields, switches to create an app.

  • Matthew Sanderson commented
    26 Mar 00:58

    No votes left, but I'd really like this too..

  • Matt commented
    28 Mar 10:48

    This would be great! Much needed

  • Josh Walker commented
    09 Apr 19:32

    Hey @webflow. Can we please have an update on this? 

  • Julien V. commented
    29 Apr 09:30

    I definitely need this feature too!

    When you say that you have set up a workaround through Typeform & Zapier, do you embed the Typeform form on the website with the embedded code field, or is it possible to change the form action to send the data to TypeForm (better for styling the form in Webflow)?

  • Josh Walker commented
    16 May 03:09

    Hey @Julien V I embed the typeform onto the page with the embed code field. 

  • Matthew White commented
    25 May 09:11

    SERIUOUSLY  WEBFLOW SORT THIS OUT !!!, Seriously. I love using your platform and ive spent a lot of money buying into your service... but this one thing really gives me the shites that I have to use a thrid part to make this work... its clunky at best... This is the one thisng that Grinds me and makes me want to change back to WIX.. please don't make me do it ... I want to stay ... But you are leaving me no choice :( 

  • Noé Mage commented
    07 Jun 14:31

    I just joined Webflow, built my lead generation page, and I come to this... very disappointing :(

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    14 Jun 08:28

    @Webflow please add this asap

  • Luca Gramaccini commented
    19 Jun 13:19

    Very very powerful. Hope Webflow think about it. :)

  • Miles Patterson commented
    03 Jul 18:27

    Gotta have it - could push my organization to enterprise membership

  • Michael Parks commented
    08 Jul 14:37

    User generated directories of any sort.  So much capability that takes Weblow from brochure site into a web app / MVP space... Bring it please 

  • Russell Tice commented
    03 Aug 14:18

    Totally agree with others comments here and would also upvote if I had any left. Seems like a no-brainer to me and very much needed. 

  • Jack Randall commented
    20 Aug 00:23

    Lol, almost 2 and a half years later since the original post, people still upvoting it to this day. Safe to say this isn't being added? Very unfortunate.

  • Michael Parks commented
    26 Aug 04:40

    @webflow what happening here, seems to be in high demand. 

    This is a deal breaker for a lot of scenarios

  • João Piedade commented
    10 Oct 14:57

    I can't adopt Webflow until this is implemented. +3