Send form submission data to CMS

I'm not sure why this function does not exist yet, since it seems so simple.

The basic idea is to port/forward/link Webflow form data to a CMS collection. So people can send information to the CMS based on a Webflow form. This is greatly beneficial for anyone that makes a platform out of their website.

Currently I'm using a work-around through Typeform & Zapier, which is a hassle, since it uses two other (paid) services. If I'm paying for a CMS website, imo this should be included in the basics.

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  • Apr 28 2017
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  • Kieran Reid commented
    9 Jul 01:27am

    This would be perfect for blog comments, product reviews etc.

  • MEFCAA Contact commented
    11 May 09:03am

    I can't believe this is not possible - all this welcome to the future of no-code app and website creation and then you have no input fields for the embedded database or at least an API workaround to store the input in airtable or as such? WOW that future missed a massive train - even did catch the bus if you know what I mean...

    Everything else is amazing - very well working and thought thru design tools but the database/collections are still weird they feel like half integrated.

    It should be that I just can add an object and then decide if this is static or dynamic - output or input. That would be the future Iike no wait - love!!

  • Do Good Design Co. Design Co. commented
    6 May 01:35pm

    It's limitations like this that will prevent people like me from moving to Webflow from Wordpress as much as we'd like to.

  • Digital Natives commented
    9 Apr 12:37pm

    Absolutely necessary

  • Rein Meirte commented
    20 Jan 08:05am

    Would be great! At the moment we use Zapier for this. You can connect webflow with salesforce, mailchimp, hubspot, ... Though it is again an extra account, extra subscription, extra hastle. Better would be if it would go directly..

  • David Schmidt commented
    13 Jan 09:12pm

    Would make it very powerful. I need it too!

  • Me commented
    27 Dec, 2020 05:24pm

    Yes! That is what I need!

  • Ravi K H commented
    23 Nov, 2020 05:11pm

    @webflow This is much needed +3 Votes

  • Tony commented
    26 Aug, 2020 01:43pm

    @webflow, this has plenty of votes and has been a hot topic for over 3 yrs. Is the product team listening to the users? Without this feature I am back to build apps outside the platform.

  • R JEFFERY WILSON commented
    4 Aug, 2020 04:56pm

    This is a very important and needed feature. Please make it happen @webflow!

  • Yoann BOUDOU commented
    23 Jul, 2020 09:57am

    Spent all my votes on this basic CMS functionality...make it happen guys !

  • William Muskus commented
    5 Jul, 2020 06:31am

    We need this and our clients need this !

  • Philip Levy commented
    15 May, 2020 07:05pm

    I just assumed this would be possible.

  • Wannes commented
    7 May, 2020 07:20pm

    I'm not sure if i got this right.. There is currently no way to directly insert, update or remove records into the collections database via form submission? Even if i export the code and run it on my own server, there is no way to get direct data exchange with my database server?

    Please tell me there is a way. I thought i found new gold for web building but without db support it's just some kind of modern FrontPage.

  • Troy Walt commented
    24 Apr, 2020 09:23am

    This is so frustrating and disappointing, I might be forced to leave Webflow and find another solution, you can't build complex stuff without this functionality. And really why is it so hard?

    First when using Zapier you have to pay 240 dollars per year and it's such an unnecessary time consuming thing to connect to your Zappier then to Webflow, second whenever you are using multi reference field, this whole thing becomes a total mess.

    Webflow we need this right now.

  • Shahnur A Alam commented
    18 Apr, 2020 05:57pm

    We need this ASAP

  • Tim Jones commented
    30 Mar, 2020 07:23pm

    I need this! Opens up so many possibilities.

  • Adam Lacey commented
    6 Mar, 2020 09:48am

    Any update on this?

  • Tony commented
    19 Feb, 2020 01:17am

    I am new to webflow, I have been building my websitea/apps without a builder for the last decade. I am very impressed with the platform, training and documentation. However from day one I have been looking for a solution to this exact problem.  I want to keep using Webflow, but the need to build the CMS outside the platform to enable user specific data management keeps steering me away.  I am spending all my votes on this feature.

  • Matthew Polci commented
    12 Feb, 2020 09:29pm

    Having to use a 3rd party platform to connect to your own CMS is idiotic.  I can't believe WebFlow hasn't come up with a solution yet, since WebFlow already does connect it's form data to the CMS, which you can view in the editor and settings.

    I have clients I am considering moving away from WebFlow due to the increased monthly cost for using 3rd party apps (such as Zapier) and others. $45US/month for form file upload and then $15US/month for Zap. Other wen building platforms can facilitate these options for less.  It's 2020 and I feel this problem shouldn't exist. Hope there is a solution soon. 

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