Send form submission data to CMS

I'm not sure why this function does not exist yet, since it seems so simple.

The basic idea is to port/forward/link Webflow form data to a CMS collection. So people can send information to the CMS based on a Webflow form. This is greatly beneficial for anyone that makes a platform out of their website.

Currently I'm using a work-around through Typeform & Zapier, which is a hassle, since it uses two other (paid) services. If I'm paying for a CMS website, imo this should be included in the basics.

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  • Apr 28 2017
Forms / CMS
  • R JEFFERY WILSON commented
    04 Aug 16:56

    This is a very important and needed feature. Please make it happen @webflow!

  • Yoann BOUDOU commented
    23 Jul 09:57

    Spent all my votes on this basic CMS functionality...make it happen guys !

  • William Muskus commented
    05 Jul 06:31

    We need this and our clients need this !

  • Philip Levy commented
    15 May 19:05

    I just assumed this would be possible.

  • Wannes commented
    07 May 19:20

    I'm not sure if i got this right.. There is currently no way to directly insert, update or remove records into the collections database via form submission? Even if i export the code and run it on my own server, there is no way to get direct data exchange with my database server?

    Please tell me there is a way. I thought i found new gold for web building but without db support it's just some kind of modern FrontPage.

  • Troy Walt commented
    24 Apr 09:23

    This is so frustrating and disappointing, I might be forced to leave Webflow and find another solution, you can't build complex stuff without this functionality. And really why is it so hard?

    First when using Zapier you have to pay 240 dollars per year and it's such an unnecessary time consuming thing to connect to your Zappier then to Webflow, second whenever you are using multi reference field, this whole thing becomes a total mess.

    Webflow we need this right now.

  • Shahnur A Alam commented
    18 Apr 17:57

    We need this ASAP

  • Tim Jones commented
    30 Mar 19:23

    I need this! Opens up so many possibilities.

  • Adam Lacey commented
    06 Mar 09:48

    Any update on this?

  • Tony commented
    19 Feb 01:17

    I am new to webflow, I have been building my websitea/apps without a builder for the last decade. I am very impressed with the platform, training and documentation. However from day one I have been looking for a solution to this exact problem.  I want to keep using Webflow, but the need to build the CMS outside the platform to enable user specific data management keeps steering me away.  I am spending all my votes on this feature.

  • Matthew Polci commented
    12 Feb 21:29

    Having to use a 3rd party platform to connect to your own CMS is idiotic.  I can't believe WebFlow hasn't come up with a solution yet, since WebFlow already does connect it's form data to the CMS, which you can view in the editor and settings.

    I have clients I am considering moving away from WebFlow due to the increased monthly cost for using 3rd party apps (such as Zapier) and others. $45US/month for form file upload and then $15US/month for Zap. Other wen building platforms can facilitate these options for less.  It's 2020 and I feel this problem shouldn't exist. Hope there is a solution soon. 

  • Roey Tsemah commented
    23 Jan 05:59

    YES! please

  • Craig Arnatt commented
    October 22, 2019 03:07

    When you are wireframing for clients, it would really help to show what is going to happen with the form data so you can see a results page.  Vote up! 

  • João Piedade commented
    October 10, 2019 14:57

    I can't adopt Webflow until this is implemented. +3

  • Michael Parks commented
    August 26, 2019 04:40

    @webflow what happening here, seems to be in high demand. 

    This is a deal breaker for a lot of scenarios

  • Jack Randall commented
    August 20, 2019 00:23

    Lol, almost 2 and a half years later since the original post, people still upvoting it to this day. Safe to say this isn't being added? Very unfortunate.

  • Russell Tice commented
    August 03, 2019 14:18

    Totally agree with others comments here and would also upvote if I had any left. Seems like a no-brainer to me and very much needed. 

  • Michael Parks commented
    July 08, 2019 14:37

    User generated directories of any sort.  So much capability that takes Weblow from brochure site into a web app / MVP space... Bring it please 

  • Miles Patterson commented
    July 03, 2019 18:27

    Gotta have it - could push my organization to enterprise membership

  • Luca Gramaccini commented
    June 19, 2019 13:19

    Very very powerful. Hope Webflow think about it. :)

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