Allow identical CMS slugs for Collections nested in Folders

It is currently possible to "nest" Collection Pages in folders so they inherit the folder slug as their initial slug, then the collection, then the page.


But the problem is that Collections have identical slugs when nested - which doesn't make sense because they are in fact different slugs due to being nested in folders! This is extremely vital for sites that have collections for products that are organized in similar ways.

Ex: We should be able to do:

But the problem is that Webflow will not allow multiple CMS Collections to have the same slug (in this example, /categories) even though they are nested in different folders. This creates problems because all of the "Category" slugs need to have prefixes with the product type (grills, furniture, fireplace) which defeats the point of nesting them.

When doing restricted actions, such as copying CMS-linked content from a Collection Page to Static Page, Webflow gives and error and lets the user know the action cannot be done. It should be the same for this. If the user tries to unnest a collection from a folder (or delete the folder), Webflow will let them know that url slugs will need to be renamed in order to avoid duplicate slugs.

Please consider making this change! It doesn't seem like it would be very hard to do and would be a huge help.

  • Gabe Hilliard
  • Jun 21 2024