Create popular marketing elements

No, I'm not talking about adding custom code or increasing my client's cost with partner apps that cost more than webflow itself at its best.

Every business that goes online in search of brand growth, customers or direct sales.

  1. At some point you will need a countdown timer.

  2. A simple pop up with exit intent.

  3. A page A/B test

  4. A video player that allows you to upload sales videos with some basic level of native functions.

  5. Traffic volume metrics on a specific page.

  6. Use a subdomain within your contracted hosting plan (Let your consumption require the upgrade)

Yes, I can offer my client to add plus a dozen third-party applications, increasing my client's cost by up to 5x just to keep everything working on webflow.

After all, my client's business is prosperous, so he's going to throw money in the air, because my animations are perfect on the perfect website I made for him.

Even though we need more marketing resources.

Since March 26th 2018, 2:00:55 pm UTC

When I started on webflow, I had to pivot to avoid losing this type of client who comes to me looking for sales solutions through a nocode/ promise and customization control.

As a result, discovering that just being pretty and lively is not enough for an agency/freelancer client.

  • Naldo Moura
  • Jul 9 2024