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Add integrated support for Vector Symbols Merged

As you know, many developers are moving away from bitmaps and towards SVG and other resolution-independent line art graphics and iconography. One of the webs most popular (and free) solutions comes from a well known service called (I am NOT spamming this forum. I have no association with the company and receive no compensation for this suggestion. I am simply a big fan of this easy to use, easy to implement solution). In a nutshell, is a giant always-online persistent and consistent symbol and icons library that uses CSS's built-in support for vector fonts to render sexy sharp infinitely scalable vector symbols into web pages. In other words, as far as any browser is concerned, this is nothing but a font. There is a nice set of CSS classes, also always accessible, that assigns real world names for each symbol in the library. That way, unlike your old Wingdings font in the old ages of Microsoft Word docs, you simply refer to the symbol by it's class name. For example, a globe is "fa globe" and boom. You scale and color just like any other element of text. This tool has become indispensable for many designers I work with and it is really missing from Webflow. It runs off of a world class CDN so it is rock solid even with millions of concurrent users and would not introduce any load to Webflow servers. One of the nicest features of the website is a search function, which should also be in the Webflow integration. This lets you find symbols easily by keyword. The symbols are all very logically named plus many have aliases so they can be easily found. After a while, you memorize or can easily guess the class names which makes work flow go so fast. Every Webflow user will benefit from this. I highly encourage everyone to check it out and upvote this request. Thanks. Peace.

  • Robert Holtz
  • May 3 2017
  • Reviewed