Ability to define base font-size to use it for rem-sizing elements throughout the site

Right now the upper selectable block in Designer View is <body>.

But for rem we need to edit the <html> tag's attributes.

Custom code is helpless here, we need to see changes immediately in Designer View.


  • Polina Makiyova
  • May 11 2017
  • Derek Long commented
    18 Sep, 2018 02:46pm

    Completely agree. rem's can be used in the designer but they are sort of useless if we aren't able to style the HTML element.

  • Vincent Bidaux commented
    10 Sep, 2018 08:16am

    I use rem and I'd like to set html properties without having to resort to custom code too. @polina if you're using a custom code component from the Add+ menu, you'll see the changes in real time inside of the designer.

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