Automatically create pages from uploaded HTML Pages

Lets say you are using a different website for your building needs and you decide you want to upgrade your site by using Webflow. 

Now you can export pages off your current website to make rebuilding in webflow easier - Well why not go one step further.

There should be a way to upload .html files and it will automatically create pages for you and place all information in the page for you.

All you need to do is tidy it up a bit.

You could even make it place all image files into your assets folder.

  • Jeffrey Gillespie
  • May 18 2017
  • Geri Lyons commented
    5 May 09:54am

    to something like that you have to grasp the very fundamental in php or any programming language at all, i mean the core of php is to create dynamical generated pages based on user/browser input.


  • Geri Lyons commented
    5 May 09:53am

    It sounds like you may believe an actual file is created when you post a question. My bet would be that this page is generated via the question id in the URL.

    The only files created would be cached output, which may or may not resemble actual HTML pages

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