Lifting Limit on Max 100 items in Collection on Front-End


I've been in touch with support about this and advised to make this a feature request. 

There seems to be an arbitrary limit of 100 on the number of items that can be displayed on the front-end in a collection. This poses a major headache for me and I'm sure numerous other developers in many instances where there would be more than 100. I don't for example know of any Blogs or News feeds, or other archives that would want to be limited in this way. 

Right now I'm going to have to hack this issue by using multiple instances of a collection on the front end with ranges From - To and this is pretty shoddy and requires continued updates.

To me this seems like a simple system update to remove the limit and give an option for -1 records (like WordPress etc) and it's something that Webflow needs to be doing Now. Once updated this will also pave the way for Webflow collection pagination which is something I know is 'being worked on'.



  • Glenn Eastland
  • Jun 2 2017
  • Isaac Lee commented
    November 05, 2018 23:12

  • Karim Roumani commented
    May 21, 2019 06:16

    Serious limitation!