Hosting prices based on usage

Here’s an idea that would make hosting prices fair for everyone.

Every developer and designer knows it’s hard to charge the same monthly fees for websites
having 30 monthy visitors, compared to one having 30 000 monthy visitors.
And we also know that Webflow needs to make a profit on hosting, to be able to make Webflow even greater.

 So, my suggested solution is to have price tier based on usage.

For example:

Plan 1  
500 mb storage  
500mb bandwidth
500 form responses
3 CMS user
$ x,xx


Plan 2  
1500 mb storage  
1500mb bandwidth
1500 form responses
6 CMS user
$ xx,xx


Plan 3 
3000 mb storage  
3000mb bandwidth
3000 form responses
9 CMS user
$ xx,xx


  • Dan Andersen
  • Jun 7 2017