Larger font and better readability in CMS editor

Text editing in the CMS is painful because of three factors combined: 1) small font; 2) black background; 3) lines that are very long. I'd recommend to follow guidelines for good readability. A white background would be desirable but if not possible, at least a larger font and the possibility to resize the editor would help. Ideally I would not want to have more than 65 characters per line. 

Trying to resize the font using the browser native functionality (cmd + +) does not work, since everything gets larger and some elements get cut off. The attached image is a screenshot of how I see it from my computer. Thanks


  • Luca
  • Jun 15 2017
CMS / Editor
  • Andy Masson commented
    19 Oct, 2022 03:25pm

    Upvoting this for sure - how can a web design solution show such bad contrast on the CMS? The help notes are almost unreadable due to the grey-on-black contrast and the fonts are WAY too small.

  • Craig Keeling commented
    18 Mar, 2018 08:52pm

    If I had more votes I would use one for this

  • Cameron Roe commented
    8 Aug, 2017 04:58pm

    +1 I agree. I would like to see more of a Medium-style editor with larger font, more editing options and the ability to add code blocks. It would also be nice to toggle between a Standard Editor and Markdown mode. I'd like to write my posts purely in Markdown and have the format maintain. Look at what Contentful is doing:

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