Allow API access to add rewrite rules to the .htaccess file for a Webflow Hosted Site

We're currently running into issues creating URL structures for widgets with dynamic content that we want to embed in Webflow hosted sites.

Having a way to add rewrite rules to the individual site .htaccess files would allow our widgets to be fully indexed by search engines and load much faster.

Although I understand self hosting would solve this issue, we want our customers to be able to keep enjoying the Webflow hosted features and editor for their websites.


SEO, htaccess, URL structure, rewrite rules

  • David Dery
  • Jun 21 2017
  • Lalit Yadav commented
    27 Mar 11:40am

    Definetly need .htaccess file for a Webflow.

  • Tom Breen commented
    24 Feb, 2023 06:07pm

    I need to edit .htaccess to clean up URLs in ecwid shopping cart.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 09:29pm

    Finally, you can host your website in GitHub with Stacket: allows you to upload files without any limitations!!

  • Bayu Candra commented
    28 Jan, 2022 04:06pm

    I need to use with react-router-dom . Not nice to have a "hashRouter"

  • Alfred Pries Jensen commented
    1 Aug, 2021 05:38am

    Definetly need this!

  • Wendy Morris commented
    5 Jul, 2021 04:26pm

    why is this still not implemented?
    this is almost as bad as not having an 'undo' option in your live editor :/

  • Zavala commented
    3 Oct, 2020 04:12pm

    Need this to leverage browser caching if hosting happens with Webflow.

  • Tim Jacobs commented
    7 Jul, 2020 07:46pm

    I understand this most likely can't be done until there is a change in customer support.

    Is there a plan in place to strengthen the support team to allow real time access via chat?

  • Gonçalo.jpg commented
    4 Feb, 2020 04:15pm

    Need this feature so we can add HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) to .htaccess like this: <add name="Strict-Transport-Security" value="max-age=31536000" preload/>

  • Yasmina Lembachar commented
    25 Dec, 2019 07:33am

    We're moving our site over from Wordpress and have a number of rewrite rules in our current .htaccess that would also need to be carried over, so this would be great!

  • Tommy Fafard commented
    28 Aug, 2019 09:55pm

    Cmon Guys this is urgent matter. 

  • Marcel Deelen commented
    6 Aug, 2019 03:19pm

    We are running in some issues regarding SEO and setting Cashing rules for a number of websites because of the lack of being able to alter the .htaccess file. For me to keep on pushing Webflow to our larger clients this is one of the things that are deal breakers, especially when I sit around the table with our SEO team.

  • Armin Hadziomerovic commented
    5 Aug, 2019 12:13pm

    Voting for this - not having .htaccess is amateur level - not only are you killing SEO value but preventing people from switching. 

    If someone had an HTTP site and they switched to you all their work is kaput. What a genius idea not to allow .htaccess /s

  • Josh Williams commented
    20 Jul, 2019 09:51pm

    Chipping in a vote for this feature. I'm working in the wine industry a bit, and (sadly) we cannot use the built in webflow ecommerce features due to the unique requirements of shipping and distributing to wine lists over the internet.

    Anyhow, the industry uses a bunch of messy plugins, list management, and cart features. URL rewrites and .htaccess access would help make this… less messy. :)

  • Colin Smith commented
    10 Oct, 2018 02:20pm

    I'm having trouble with svg inside <img> tag on front facing site, looks fine in the editor though.

    I've read that adding "AddType image/svg+xml svg" will fix this problem, honestly I was pretty disappointed to find out I can't fix this..

  • Tomas Petersen commented
    21 Jun, 2018 01:36pm

    For better SEO and cache rules

  • Michael Victor Schneider commented
    15 Jan, 2018 02:07pm

    We NEED this!

  • Anon commented
    22 Aug, 2017 03:50pm

    Webflow, please implement this for all us who need every advantage over our competitors.  Higher rankings for us means more success (and more $$$).

  • Gregory Shevchenko commented
    22 Aug, 2017 09:27am

    Need this feature for better SEO! Thank you.

  • Louis Cloutier commented
    22 Jun, 2017 01:08pm

    We need this feature for a better seo.

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