Ability to have readable JS or uglified JS when exporting code.

Recently Webflow has decided to uglify and concat their Javascript on export, I would like an option to turn this off, because my team uses some of the components from Webflow but needs some to be disabled because of overlap with our current code base. 

it is a lot harder to now find the smooth scroll section for example, which has a conflict with one of our scripts, because there are no comments and the code is harder to read.

3 weeks ago the export would have a very nicely documented JS file and I would like the ability to turn it on and off between these 2 options. 

  • Nel Korajkic
  • Jun 26 2017
  • James Woolfenden commented
    27 Jun, 2017 08:59am

    You can, it's beside the "minify CSS and HTML" options =]

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