Vue.js friendly attributes (which would also be friendly with other frameworks like Angular)

Webflow is already usable with Vue.js which means you can indeed build one-page dynamic web apps. And with the addition of something like Google's Firebase for database and authenticity (secure login) functionality, the sky's the limit.

But I find half of my Vue binding has to be done via the custom embed and although it's not impossible, it's definitely inconvenient as I'm a designer at heart and only code where needed.

For instance, I can add the attribute v-on:input to an element but the Webflow UX doesn't let me add @input (same result but shorthand) or v-on:input.once.

I think you can really push a partnership between Webflow and Vue and answer half the app build request on the wishlist while doing so if this little change is done.

I know this feature is for validation purposes but if you made an exception for any string starting with 'v-', '@' or ':' then you could still have the same damage control for pure designers while allowing developers free reign.


Thanks for everything,


  • Mike Fort
  • Jul 3 2017
  • Norbert Dragan commented
    15 Oct, 2017 08:38am

    I have run out of votes, but this is totally a neat idea!

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