Elements API (with React Components!)

Linking this idea because it's really awesome! https://forum.webflow.com/t/react-apps-on-webflow/44851

The basic premise is to expose all the element data from the API and allow developers to directly gain access to all the hard work that a designer would put in... with extendable code snippets (React, Vue, Angular, whatever...)

  1. You design everything in Webflow, and make an API call `GET /elements/:element_id`.
  2. You get back a json object with all the element html, css, and react snippets to use in your app
  3. You then assign that react component code to a variable and decorate it with your own code
  4. You'd basically be evaling the code from the server in your application and you could get webflow enhanced extensions to your react components.. maybe even making it easier to continue the prototyping in React (based on the interactions already designed in Webflow)
  • Cameron Roe
  • Jul 5 2017
  • Sidney Ottelohé commented
    July 05, 2017 19:24

    You got my vote! Unfortunately I think is a little bit too technical/edge-case for WF's current user base, maybe the Component/Widget marketplace they have been talking about could bring us closer in this direction.

  • Abruptive Team commented
    28 Aug 11:30

    Hey Cameron,

    We just started building a free open-source Node.js package that aims to convert Webflow to React apps. 


    Feel free to check it out at: https://github.com/Abruptive/webflow-react - as well as contribute if you are experienced with JS.


    Any help or feedback would help!