rel="nofollow" attribute on links in CMS

Afaict, there's no way to add the rel="nofollow" attribute to outbound links on CMS blog posts. We can do this on regular static links. Can you implement this for blog posts please as otherwise, it affects the site negatively from an SEO standpoint.





  • Graham Cox
  • Jul 6 2017
  • Shipped
  • Gabriella M commented
    3 Oct, 2023 02:27pm

    This is a need! Please!

  • Geoff Newman commented
    3 Oct, 2023 12:19pm

    I can't believe they don't have such a basic SEO feature. I genuinely think we need to migrate to Wordpress!

  • Marcus Sheen commented
    25 Aug, 2023 09:37am

    It's been 84 years 👵

    This is such basic functionality and the only solution is to use code on a no-code website. I've pushed to migrate to Webflow and it's difficult for me to explain to marketers/SEO why part of this migration means we lose basic functionality.

  • BrandBridge Media commented
    22 Aug, 2023 01:31am

    Really? Webflow doesn't give the ability to add attributes to links? This is terrible for SEO...

  • Taabish Shaikh commented
    6 Jul, 2023 07:38am

    any update when this will be available?

  • Cesar DSuze commented
    15 May, 2023 06:20am

    Amazing this is still pending after 6 years

  • Cesar DSuze commented
    15 May, 2023 06:19am

    Super important, and very simple feature

  • Nathan Covey commented
    4 May, 2023 08:07pm

    How is this still not a feature???

  • Nathan Covey commented
    4 May, 2023 08:07pm


  • Samuel Szuchan commented
    6 Mar, 2023 09:35pm

    How is this still not a feature...

  • Pavel Polosenko commented
    1 Mar, 2023 09:24pm

    come on, @webflow

  • Tony Peacock commented
    16 Feb, 2023 04:27pm

    Please add this, it is important to SEO

  • Adam Hayes commented
    29 Jul, 2022 09:30pm

    If your team adds this I will get a Webflow tattoo on my forehead

  • Graham Cox commented
    28 Mar, 2022 06:57pm

    Hi @webflow

    This feature was requested 4 and a half years ago now.

    What is the point of us posting feature requests if you don't even bother to respond to them??? This shouldn't take long to implement, it's a simple feature.

    It's also an essential feature, because without it, we can't link externally without giving away all our link juice to other sites.

    This is basic stuff and webflow won't be taken seriously as a blogging platform without it. Please respond and please implement asap.

    Thank you.


  • Yesbaby commented
    16 Dec, 2021 08:37pm

    Any update?


  • Bradley Williams commented
    31 Jul, 2021 10:38am

    Hey guys any update on this? Is it in the pipeline? Correct me if I'm wrong but is this not super simple to implement? In the same way as implementing the "open in new tab" button was when building the CMS. If so, it's going to be a HUGE reason why bloggers will never sign up to use Webflow to manage their site.

  • Branden Harvey commented
    28 Jul, 2021 05:07am

    Google is about to start getting mad at us. so this is really important.

  • Simon commented
    13 Jul, 2021 05:18pm

    This is needed Webflow. Especially for people who manage blogs. The CMS is great, but features like this are important!

  • Rajagopalan C commented
    12 Jul, 2021 02:04pm

    This is a really basic feature for SEO. It's quite inconvenient when essential functionality are missing. It should be implemented ASAP!

  • Team Merci commented
    3 Jun, 2021 12:44pm

    We need this, please!

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