Allow users to create any type of website, not just approved content

Webflow is a fantastic design tool, but the strict Terms of Service prevent it from being used in a professional freelance environment. Webflow polices your website's content, and will cancel your membership if you create any websites featuring

  • Anything considered offensive, up to Webflow's discretion
  • Anything Profane
  • Non- Factual information
  • Adult Content
  • Adult Themes

Source: Webflow ToS, Section 7

It's ridiculous that Webflow so closely polices user content. With these rules, the best design tool I've ever used becomes nothing more than a basic site builder restricted to something like a restaurant homepage. Please, Webflow. This is so close to being a serious development tool, but it falls flat on its face with content-policing. Imagine if Photoshop deleted your adobe account if you drew something phallic.

  • Winter Teller
  • Jul 11 2017
  • Madeleine Xanthine commented
    14 Sep, 2018 11:24pm

    Thank you for saying this.  I can understand not allowing illegal content, but webflow's restrictions are judgmental and puritanical.  I can understand laws like this in their hosting (though that's also ridiculous but it's their house), but restricting what you do with a tool once you've bought it?   

  • Patrick s. commented
    11 Apr, 2018 06:47pm

    I'm with winter teller on this.

    Webflow is a tool. It is up to them what can be on their servers hosting wise but producing a tool such as webflow, we should be able to use that tool as we see it.

    I'm starting my web designing experience with webflow and am involved in some political movements here in Canada and finding more and more questionable censorship based simply on the politics. I would hate to have invested all this time and resource to producing something just to have it shut down because someone on an off day disagreed with myself and my friends.

  • Sstrantz commented
    14 Jul, 2017 12:10pm

    I agree with Vincent and Scott.  Ethical and trustworthy and good reputation is a top priority and should continue to be.  So - voting to keep the exclusions.

  • Scott Van Zandt commented
    11 Jul, 2017 11:27pm

    You can literally build anything you would like with the platform, just nothing with the following themes. I've built over 50 Websites using Webflow and have never had to even double check the terms. Unless your planning on building an agency off of offensive or profane websites then there is no reason to be disappointed. I don't even accept any work with Adult Themes, Profane or Religious themes and I've only had to turn down 1 project. I think this is common practice for most ethical and trustworthy agencies taking the Web seriously. If Webflow became the platform for Adult Themes to be built on it would risk tarnishing it's reputation as well as the communities. 

    I believe the following exclusion terms are more than fair.

    • Anything considered offensive, up to Webflow's discretion
    • Anything Profane
    • Non- Factual information
    • Adult Content
    • Adult Themes
  • Vincent Bidaux commented
    11 Jul, 2017 01:21pm

    It's not ridiculous, it's common practice. You're a bit rushing into conclusions.

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