Create a Service Worker for Your Website to Turn Your Website into a Progressive Web App

More about service workers here:

  • Tyler Gross
  • Jul 13 2017
  • Peter Van Laer commented
    20 Jun, 2022 02:27pm

    It's also neede to enable push notifications on the root domain

  • Janne Wassberg commented
    4 Jan, 2020 03:59pm

    This is a must for Webflow. A part of the website is to market a company or a product. To be able to use push notifications this is a must

  • Domenick Basolo commented
    8 Nov, 2019 07:44pm

    I agree first and foremost this is the direction Google is pushing and its only a matter of time before everyone is doing this. I think this is a necessity for workflow to stay above the curve

  • Kris Hogh commented
    2 May, 2018 03:04am

    imagine the possibilities of extending your webflow website with very little up front effort.... c'mon webflow seems trivial.. a quick win.

  • Coleen commented
    28 Jul, 2017 11:53pm

    I really hope this happens, this is the only place I'm lacking in the lighthouse scores

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