Text Input field to edit text elements via the Settings Panel

Sometime it's hard to access text (eg. in menus, overlays, etc) because they are not visible on the first view in the standard designers view.

How about a text input field at the settings panel (D), were you can edit the text of a text block, paragraph, headline, richtext without the need that the element is visible at the designers view.

  • EQS Design
  • Jul 14 2017
  • BlueRock Creative commented
    23 May 05:57

    Having an input field for text layers would be immensely helpful. Having to change the z-index on items just so we can edit them feels extremely clunky.

  • Asher Terpstra commented
    19 Jun 04:24

    Would love to see this one. Might not seeing as this has been sitting here for two years...